FW 5625—Wildlife Handling and Immobilization for Research and Management

This 4 day hands-on course (syllabus) is taught in mid-March by Terry Kregger, a world’s authority on immobilizing free ranging mammals, Glenn DelGiudice, a wildlife biologist specializing in Cervid physiology, Peggy Callahan, Director of the Science Conservation, who manages 42 captive wolves, John Hart, a USDA Animal Services trapper, and J.L. David Smith, a wildlife biologist studying tigers, leopards and their prey. 

Participants are introduced to both the theoretical and practical aspects of wildlife handling and immobilization. Each group of 5 participants  captures and immobilize a wolf. Students also assist immobilizing bears, and get hands on experience with capture equipment and techniques. The course is for FWCB students, but we reserve space for international and national professionals and graduate students . For further information e-mail [email protected]


CFAN 3500—Wildlife Monitoring Methods for Tropical Forests

This course provide participants with an overview of Thailand's culture and conservation challenges and then focuses on applying a set of well-developed field and analysis techniques for the survey and monitoring of fauna in tropical forests.

Many activities revolve around and contribute to a long-term tiger conservation project of which UMN has been a principle partner. Specific activities include camera trapping, prey assessment methods and radio-telemetry approaches.