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About the CLAWS Lab

The Collaborative Laboratory for Asian Wildlife Studies (CLAWS) was established in 2007 with a grant from the University of Minnesota’s International Interdisciplinary Partnership Program. The lab is led by J.L. David Smith.

The CLAWS lab is engaged in a number of long term ecological research projects and several shorter term projects that typically focus on an individual species or suite of species. Virtually all projects are pursued in conjunction with an Asian partner institution—often a government agency or university. Most projects seek to answer specific ecological and conservation questions as well as facilitate capacity-building and information sharing among partners.

Graduate Program Affiliations

The Partnership for Asian Wildlife Research

Initiated in 2007 concurrently with the CLAWS lab, the focus of the Partnership for Asian Wildlife Studies (PAWS) is to develop and support wildlife conservation research, educational, and professional training opportunities in Asia.


Active Projects

Participatory Tiger Conservation in Nepal

Ecology and Conservation of Tigers in Thailand

Ecology and Conervation of Tigers in the Sunderbans of Bangladesh

Ecology and Conservation of Fishing Cats in Thailand

Tiger Conservation in Cambodia

Tiger Conservation in China

Snow Leopard Conservation in Mongolia